CHAC Frequently Asked Questions

Is CHAC a kind of insurance?

CHAC is not an insurance program. CHAC is an access coalition, so basically CHAC works with local hospitals, physicians and other agencies to coordinate donated healthcare services for those who are eligible for the CHAC program.

How much does it cost to join CHAC?

There is no cost to join the Community Health Access Coalition. All donated healthcare services are free to the clients. Pharmaceuticals are available through a generic drug plan for a $5.00 co-pay at local pharmacies. Also, there may be additional healthcare services that you may need that are not covered through the CHAC program and those would remain your responsibility.

Will CHAC help me pay for my outstanding bills?

CHAC does not pay for medical bills or other medical services. As a networking agency, CHAC connects clients with donated healthcare. No premiums are paid to join, and no services are paid for by CHAC.

What happens if my physician does not participate? Can I still join CHAC?

Yes, you can still join CHAC. Volunteers are joining the CHAC program all of the time. We will try to contact your physician’s office to see if they would be interested in participating in the CHAC program. If they are unable to participate at this time, we will assign you to our growing Volunteer Clinic. The physicians at the clinic volunteer on a rotating basis. You might not see the same physician all of the time, but you will get a chance to see that we have a lot of caring physicians in our community who want to help.

What if I want to only see my physician and he/she does not participate?

In order to receive the other benefits of the CHAC program, you would have to see one of the participating physicians. These physicians are donating their time and services and in return their patients are benefiting by receiving pharmaceutical assistance, lab work, and radiology through the CHAC program. If a non-participating physician received the benefits of the program and didn’t participate, why would any of the physicians want to volunteer their time?

Does CHAC pay for my medications?

There are many ways in which CHAC secures Medications including Patient Assistance Programs (PAP’s) through pharmaceutical companies that CHAC will help complete if the medication is eligible.